GUEST EDITORIAL: Dr Patrick I. Gomes,  Secretary General of the ACP Group


Well-deserved and hearty congratulations are due to the ACT Alliance Brussels Office for its support to the website, providing remarkably well-informed and thoughtful analysis of developments on ACP-EU agro-food trade issues. The issues raised are of considerable value to the ACP Group for routine dialogues with our European partners.

The coverage of BREXIT, as it impacts specifically on ACP countries, is extremely valuable to our Missions and Embassies in Brussels and Geneva, offering a comprehensive compendium of data and case-studies to guide informed decision-making in the capitals. I strongly commend to our readers this 2 volume compilation of articles on Brexit posted on the website since the 15th December 2016. Read more “GUEST EDITORIAL: Dr Patrick I. Gomes,  Secretary General of the ACP Group”



Africa’s political leaders have for more than a decade now embarked on a Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) declared in Maputo in 2003. In 2014, the Malabo AU Summit declared that Africa would at least double its agricultural productivity and be food secure by 2025.  Moreover, by the same time frame, governments aim to triple intra-African trade from the current rate of about 13 percent. The whole vision is of massive social and economic structural transformation within a one to two decade period. It would appear though that the political leaders have not fully accounted for challenges they will face in light of Africa’s current trade patterns and agreements with major trading blocks, especially the EU. Read more “GUEST EDITORIAL: PROFESSOR Mandivamba Rukuni”